Discover Email Marketing advantages with MailUp

Request a free MailUp trial now: create your first campaigns, discover all the platform's features, then decide if you'd like to activate a subscription. No obligations.

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    Find new clients via email

    Use the drag & drop BEE editor to grab attention with beautiful, responsive and—above all—highly converting email campaigns.

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    Create custom mailing lists

    Import your contacts into mailing lists. Use the profiling tools to segment them into specific targets.

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    Create custom mailing lists

    By subscribing you can send your emails to as many recipients as you want. The more the contacts, the longer the sending time—but the price stays the same.

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    Expand your database

    Create new contacts that you can reach via email and SMS: design landing pages complete with easy-to-use and responsive subscription forms to grow your contact list.

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One platform, endless possibilities


Unlimited sendings

Send without limits: as your contacts increase, the delivery time becomes longer. But the price does not change.


Excellent deliverability

We have in-depth knowledge of all the best mailing practices, to give you a secure infrastructure and high deliverability.


Create dynamic, customized emails

With BEE you can create emails and newsletters in a dynamic way with great impact and optimized for mobile.


Collect contacts, create relations

Reach new customers and nuture your contacts, thanks to advanced features for database building and data enrichment.


Tha automation that works for you

Set welcome emails and retrieve abandoned carts: let Automation handle all the marketing activities that you don’t have time for.


All the power of data in your hands

A detailed statistical system to analyze the data and discover your campaigns' success in real time.

Free tools & integrations to grow together

An example? The new MailUp for WordPress plugin, designed to collect new subscribers to your emails and SMS campaigns directly from your website.


All you need to know about MailUp free trial

How does the free trial work?

Check out a free 15-day trial of the MailUp platform. There are no obligations and no need to enter any credit card details. You can stop the trial whenever you want and, at the end, decide if you'd like to activate an annual subscription at the end of your trial.

What's in the free trial?

The free trial includes certain Plus edition features and a maximum of 1,000 mailings.

Do I have to enter a credit card to activate the free trial?

No. The free trial activation does not require any payment method details. Such information will be requested upon subscribing to an available edition.

Do you have free plans?

No. MailUp does not offer free subscriptions outside the free trial that lets you test out some of the platform's features.

Does MailUp sell or rent address lists with the platform?

MailUp doesn't sell lists nor addresses. It doesn't let you send to rented or purchased databases. It can, however, help you better manage customer relationships among your already existing email contacts. If you'd like to build or feed the contact database, then we invite you to check out our dedicated web page.

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